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Talent Speak Series: Azima, Junior Data Scientist

Hello everyone! My name is Azimatul Matsniya, you can call me Azima. I graduated from the University of Jember with a degree in mathematics. I am very interested in data analytics. I am amazed at how data can be turned into insight so that later can be used for data-driven decisions. I enjoy searching for articles on the internet about data analysis. I spend a lot of my free time reading books and listening to music.

As a junior data scientist in Kitameraki, my responsibilities include transforming data into meaningful information, customising interactive dashboards and reports to meet specific business requirements, and performing in-depth data analysis to uncover trends, patterns, and actionable insights. The most challenging part of my job is interpreting the data and understanding the user's business needs. But I also consider this challenge an opportunity to learn many things about business development. Understanding business needs is a fundamental aspect of effective problem-solving and decision-making. This understanding serves as a foundation for developing strategies, making informed choices, and ultimately achieving success for the user’s needs.

Extracting meaningful information from a complex dataset requires continuous learning and improvement. Despite many challenges, I am proud to be a junior data scientist at Kitameraki because the people here are awesome and professional. Working with the team can sometimes be stressful, but my team here is friendly and very helpful. They work hard, find fulfilment in aiding others, and collectively possess a shared passion for acquiring knowledge. Having such passionate teams also inspires me to put a lot of effort into understanding users needs.

As a consulting firm, Kitameraki has made me familiar with making important business decisions. There are many opportunities for me to grow. The company values that are in line with my working principles make me strive to always improve myself and provide the best for the user.

Talent Speak Series: Azima, Junior Data Scientist kitameraki indonesia


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