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A Benchmark of CRMs for SMBs in Indonesia

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

This article is the last part of our Top CRM Tools for SMBs in Indonesia in 2023 white paper. If you wish to download now the complete white paper, register your email address on this page

In the previous Article, we introduced the Benefits you could get when using a CRM and some essential Features to look at when considering a CRM. We also gave you some tools and techniques on How to Choose a CRM that best for you.

In the following article, we will finish by sharing our own Benchmark of some well-known and some less known CRM tools available for SMBs in South-east Asia.

A Benchmark of CRMs for SMBs in Indonesia

Following the methodology we introduced earlier, we reviewed some international and local (Indonesian) products and share our opinions on them. As mentioned earlier, this does not aim to be a comprehensive list because there are way too many options. Read the following article to see the Editor’s choice as well as top contenders for the CRM tools for SMBs in Indonesia.

Our Needs

To meet the diverse needs of businesses, our assessment encompassed crucial aspects, including lead management and seamless conversion to sales, efficient contact management for individuals and companies, and a well-organized sales pipeline with integrated ticketing. User-friendliness across web and mobile platforms was deemed essential, ensuring smooth interactions. Additionally, tracking all activities and engagements, as well as managing marketing campaigns, were vital considerations.

Customizable forms empower businesses to tailor the CRM to their unique requirements.

In line with Indonesian preferences, we highlighted CRM tools with interfaces compatible with WhatsApp, seamless synchronization of contacts, mails, and calendars, as well as APIs and automation capabilities for enhanced functionality. Moreover, GPS location features were considered to streamline field operations. Language support in Bahasa Indonesia and affordable pricing per user further added to the appeal of these top-notch CRM tools. By exploring our curated selection, businesses can uncover the ideal CRM solution to accelerate growth and foster success.


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A Benchmark of CRMs for SMBs in Indonesia PIPEDRIVE

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive is a cloud-based software as a service company. Pipedrive aims to boost revenues and sales. The name is intended to evoke up the sales pipeline and boost sales figures.

Pipedrive allows you to keep track of every conversation you have with each customer, just like any other effective customer relationship management for sales. Software technologies are available to ensure that you sustain high levels of customer satisfaction throughout the client journey. To handle all your leads and active transactions, it provides several capabilities. You may automate monotonous operations with the aid of a variety of tools.

Pipedrive is a great visual platform. This applies to both analytics and the tracking of the sales cycle and related operations. Additionally, it has mobile apps for iOS, Android, and iPhone devices.

Overall, Pipedrive receives praise for its convenience.

Noteworthy Features

  • Manage Leads & Conversion: 24/7 tracking of leads and sales via forms, chatbots, and other sources.

  • Integration with Outlook & Teams

  • Integration to WA via Twilio, and others

  • Locate your customers using google map

  • Communication Monitoring: You can set your schedule in real time thanks to a complete contact history that records calls, emails, chats, and other interactions.

  • No Tickets (But can be covered using different pipeline)

  • Bahasa version available

  • Starting from USD12.5 per user/month, including contacts and calendar synch with Outlook

Our Review

Pipedrive is a well-established product and there is a good reason why: it’s simply an excellent product for a company who start their journey using a CRM. It provides a good balance with all necessary features and a good user experience.

What we like

  • An excellent user interface on both web and mobile version

  • A comprehensive set of CRM features

  • Flexible & Customizable

  • API to build cross-systems automation

  • Reasonable starting price

What could be improved

  • Adding an Interface with Linkedin (Smart Search is not really convenient)

  • Missing a dedicated ticketing


Qontak was founded in 2015 and is now part of Mekari umbrella products. Their headquarter is in Jakarta, Indonesia. They are currently growing with 1200+ employees, 35000+ clients, and 350000+ users.

A Benchmark of CRMs for SMBs in Indonesia  Qontak

Qontak by Mekari is a leading and knowledgeable provider of enterprise Omnichannel CRM platform that makes use of scalable API technology.

Qontak, a SaaS-based platform, gives companies the ability to expand their operations, sales, and customer support quickly. Within a single SaaS CRM system, their solutions enable organizations to use WhatsApp and Instagram, social media, e-commerce, phone conversations, KPIs, and offline activities.

Their products are used by banks, multinational firms, state-owned businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, and more thanks to an ISO-certified technological stack.

Qontak is an official WhatsApp Business API and Instagram API partner with a tier 1 ranking globally.

Noteworthy Features

  • Attendance & GPS Tracker for sales team that show where they are located real time accurately

  • Task & activities management to monitor every task and performance of the sales team in easy and centralized dashboard

  • Omnichannel & IP PBX merge various conversation channels to accelerate customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Report & analytics

  • Database management to manage the customer data efficiently, record more accurately, monitor prospect movement status easier

  • Ordering & ticketing system records sales data automatically, alerting sales about unprogressive/inactive sales

  • Chatbot that is customed to build natural conversation with customers and efficiently initiating orders

  • Price started from USD16 per user/month

Our Review

Qontak is an Omnichannel CRM tool that focus on Service desk and is well integrated with WhatsApp Business API which make it less useful when having a Salesforce using their own WhatsApp number.

What we like

  • Track Deals & Tickets

  • Native interface with WhatsApp

  • Local Indonesia support

  • GPS Tracking of the user

  • Chatbot

What could be improved

  • CRM Features for B2B and/or field sales force

  • Missing Leads management

  • Mobile & Web User Interface

  • Integration with Outlook

  • Incomplete API


Qiscus was founded in 2013. Their headquarter is in Singapore, but they also have offices in Malaysia and Indonesia. Right now, they are growing with hundreds of employees and developing some new apps, including Qiscus CRM.

A Benchmark of CRMs for SMBs in Indonesia Qiscus

The B2B company Qiscus specializes in SaaS. Qiscus now offers several products, including Qiscus Multichannel Chat, In-App Chat SDK, WhatsApp Business API, and Qiscus Meet.

The mission of Qiscus, a top provider of multichannel and in-app chat technology, is to help businesses of all sizes adopt new standards for superior customer experience (CX) by enabling timely interactions at scale, with anyone, and from any location.

Qiscus introduced Qiscus CRM, a CRM platform connected with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, in order to enhance and maintain a nurturing sales process as part of the stages of the customer journey.

Noteworthy Features

  • All-in-one dashboard to keep track of the opportunities, deals, and accounts to make better decisions at every stage of sales journey.

  • Audience & engagement insights

  • Managing and monitoring sales activity to deal with urgent issues immediately

  • Automatic documentation and notification

  • Integrated to several system, including Qiscus omnichannel

  • Campaigns record for marketing campaign strategies and get insight on effective campaign that needs to be optimized

  • Price started from USD~13 per user/month

Our Review

Qiscus CRMis to some extend very similar to Qontak. There are both Indonesian products and both focus on customer care receiving incoming communication from WhatApps and managing marketing campaign using WhatsApp.

What we like

  • Statistics and Analytics on conversations

  • Omnichannel CRM. Integrate with social medias (FB, Line, WA, telegram, etc.)

  • Chatbot

  • API / SDK

  • Local Indonesian support

What could be improved

  • CRM Features for B2B and/or field sales force

  • Leads Management

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Email and Calendar Synch


CRMs come in a variety of forms and from a wide range of vendors, and they each provide a unique set of features and functionalities. Some may be more suited for field sales force, others for customer cares that are using phone / WhatsApp. When selecting a CRM software, it’s crucial to identify what you need and what CRM capabilities will ultimately bring value to your company.

We hope you have enjoyed the ride. Feel free to contact us if you have any question. If you wish to download now the complete white paper, register your email address on this page

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