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Website Development and Mobile App Development Services


Kitameraki team has the capability to build custom, scalable and powerful web and mobile applications across a wide range of technology stacks. Our seasoned professionals excel in Custom Software Solutions, Cross-Platform App Development, Cloud-Based Solutions, and Responsive Web Design.

While our creative team applies best practices of digital design, our technology team will deliver you a cross-platform solution that enhance user engagement and provide a seamless experience across all devices.

Our portfolio includes E-commerce Website Development, User Interface and User Experience Design, and cutting-edge Android and iOS App Development. We also provide in-depth Technology Consulting, API Integration, Enterprise Solutions, and SaaS Product Development, incorporating the latest in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT.

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App Refactoring Leveraging Microservices and Serverless

Our Latest Work

To support the aggressive growth in Indonesia of an Healthcare solution provider, we designed and built…

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Kitameraki Development Values

Putting the user at the center of our concerns

Apps we develop are not only technically proficient but also highly user-friendly and intuitive. By utilizing methodologies like Design Thinking, we delve into understanding users' needs and challenges, aiming to create solutions that are functional and delightful to use.

Focus on UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) as integral part of our development process

This involves designing visually appealing and easy-to-navigate interfaces, ensuring that end-users find the app engaging and straightforward to provide an enjoyable and seamless user experience.

Seamless project management with industry insight

We combine our exceptional project management skills with extensive industry knowledge to ensure that our web and development services are delivered on time and meet your business needs. 

Capability to integrate with your existing IT systems

We do have the expertise to ensure that new applications operate seamlessly with existing enterprise systems, databases, and software. This integration is crucial for businesses to maintain continuity, data integrity, and operational efficiency.

Kitameraki Development Expertises

Advanced Software Engineering

We ensure high-quality, reliable, and maintainable software solutions for projects of any scale and complexity.

Serverless Architecture

We utilize the Serverless Architecture to removes the need for traditional server management and lowers maintenance costs.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA enables modular, loosely coupled services, allowing independent development, testing, and deployment for faster development cycles and easier maintenance.

High-Volume Transactions

Our team ensures seamless, reliable performance under heavy load, handling many users and transactions without compromising speed or security.

Skilled RESTful API Development

Our expertise in RESTful API ensures an efficient data exchange, enabling seamless integration and communication between your apps and other systems.

Comprehensive System Integration

Our experience ensures seamless integration of your applications with third-party systems like payment gateways, messaging platforms, and email systems.

Reliable Offline Mode Solutions

Depending on the apps, we provide offline mode solutions. Crucial for operations in remote areas where there's little to no connectivity.

Adept Responsive Web Design

We guarantees that the apps will have an exceptional user interface across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Expertise in Various Technology Stacks

We excel in various tech stacks, including Javascript frameworks, MERN, .NET, Python, etc.

Kitameraki Web & Mobile App Portofolio


Food & Beverage Lifestyle App

Building a Lifestyle app around a digital ecosystem

We have developed native mobile apps that feature reservations, payments, and loyalty, with plans to expand to include additional features and tenants for the benefit of both customers and tenants.

Discover our complete portfolio showcasing our proficiency in web and mobile development, and get in touch to discuss your next project.

Development Related Services

Web and Mobile Application Development

Offering custom development for responsive web applications and cross-platform mobile apps, catering to both Android and iOS platforms.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Integration

Enhancing apps with AI and ML capabilities for advanced functionalities like predictive analytics, personalization, and automation.

API Development and Integration

Creating and integrating Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for enhanced app functionality and third-party service integration.

Database Design and Management

Structuring and managing databases for optimal data storage, retrieval, and security.

Quality Assurance and Testing Strategy

Ensuring the reliability and performance of web and mobile apps through rigorous testing protocols.

Why Choosing Kitameraki?

Our track record is distinguished by numerous successful implementations, ranging from custom web and mobile application development to launching commercial products on the Microsoft Marketplace. Our team comprises seasoned senior developers, astute functional consultants, and creative graphic designers, along with UI/UX experts and certified project managers, ensuring a comprehensive, professional approach to each project.

Our Developers & Software Engineers

Our team includes highly skilled developers and software engineers, holding prestigious certifications from AWS and Microsoft. These certifications, coupled with our strategic partnerships with AWS and Microsoft, demonstrate our commitment to excellence in web and mobile app development

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Our Certified Project Managers

Our team includes certified project managers, each possessing prestigious certifications like PMP (Project Management Professional), PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments), and Agile methodologies. This diverse certification portfolio ensures that we are equipped to manage projects of all sizes and complexities, adapting to various methodologies that best suit the project requirements. 

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We listen to businesses and give them the tools they need for success.

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