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Customer Review: Project Management for Nutritional Solutions Company

Updated: Feb 22, 2023


I am a Business Development Director in a Nutritional Solutions Company – Diana Aqua. Our company is developing Aquaculture products which is the aquatic version of agriculture. With a purpose to offer functional ingredients and palatability enhancers that help feed manufacturers to develop high performance feeds with reliable and proven solutions, Diana Aqua also aim to assist fish producers and farmers in growing healthier fish and shrimp while increasing the efficiency of marine protein by use fewer resources and lowering aquaculture's global carbon footprint.

Kitameraki was referred to Diana Aqua by a common contact. I engaged Kitameraki for training and coaching services on Project Management. Moreover, despite being the key influencers within the organizations, directors and managers rarely receive ongoing feedback or have the opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities.

As a step to support our business Development, Diana Aqua needs to build Manufacture to localize the fabrication of our product. We are planning to create a project of manufacture to turn our raw food into food we can sell and by that, Diana Aqua will provide aqua ingredients that support human nutrition and health through the development of a sustainable aquaculture and assisting aquaculture players in their growth by providing natural and sustainable solutions for proven animal and feed performance in Indonesia. Building a manufacture in partnership with local supplier is often a complex and challenging project. Failure to deliver the project could jeopardize the company strategic plan and since various kinds of causes that will risk the failure is increasing to as high as 70%, research stated that it will decrease by 20% with an implementation of strong project management capability - Which is what I want to achieve and will then increase the chance of a project success.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Kitameraki consultant conducted training and coaching regarding project & program management and project management office to deliver a better grasp on all essential project management skills and have specific advises on how to apply these new competencies on their projects. The project manager's role is to provide direction and leadership for a project. It was used to be limited to three pillars: cost, timeline, and scope. It is now becoming even more complex with the addition of new areas:

  1. Scope of the project

  2. Timeline of the project

  3. Budget cost

  4. Project quality

  5. Human resources

  6. Way of communication

  7. Risk management

  8. Procurements

  9. Stakeholders

The first session with Kitameraki was an introduction to key components in project manager: What is a project? What is the project manager's role? Various project management methodologies, with a mix of formal Project Management fundamentals with PMBOK and PRINCE2 definition which are the 2 most important project management bodies in the world. The next following sessions focus on each area, illustrated by examples & tools (RACI, Ishikawa Diagram, EVA, Change Management, etc.) that could be applied at Diana Aqua.

The whole session was a success, Kitameraki has practically used the project management tools and provided valuable advice to Diana Aqua and they have precisely answered all questions related to adaptability of project management.


We are pleased with the outcome of this project; we are able to practically use tools and advise and transfer it directly. Moreover, Kitameraki also has successfully adapted the functions and schedule of Diana Aqua, which makes training execution easier and provided detailed and precise answers to our adaptability questions, allowing us to apply it even more flawlessly to our project. Overall, our cooperation with Kitameraki proceeded easily, and we had excellent results taught by advisors.


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