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Talent Speak Series: Ingmar, Software Developer

Hello there! My name is Ingmar Ramzan Shidqi. I graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering Program, and now I work at Kitameraki as a Software Developer. In my spare time, I enjoy watching mini documentaries, socializing with friends, playing video games, and working out. I found that balancing work and life-related activities goes a long way to helping productivity.

As a Software Developer, I am responsible for designing, programming, deploying, and maintaining software that the team has built for various clients. One of the most challenging aspects of my job is to balance and optimize the software to satisfy the client's specifications while also keeping the project's limitations in mind. And I feel satisfied when all the pieces of the project finally work together and we are able to solve the client's problem.

Other than that, as a developer, I also have to work with the team. And, working with a team can sometimes be a challenge as well. Each and every individual has their own way of thinking and method of solving a problem, and it is not uncommon to have a different opinion when working on a project together. Luckily, the people here at Kitameraki are all open to suggestions and always look to improve themselves, so it has been fun working here.

I always think that a person needs to always put all of himself and all the effort required from them to achieve great things in life, and this is a core value that Kitameraki also upholds. There are a multitude of skills that I have learned from working at Kitameraki, from interpersonal to technical skills. And the values of the companies and the skills of the people are the factors that drive the success of Kitameraki.

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