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Enterprise Architecture Services 


- Are your current Systems aligned with your business priorities?

- Is your Technology infrastructure seamlessly integrated for efficient workflows?

- Does your Technology platform need an upgrade or overhaul to meet future goals?

These are some of the questions and challenges that Enterprise Architecture (EA) addresses, and much more.

Kitameraki specializes in crafting robust and scalable Enterprise Architecture solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your enterprise covering applications, information, and infrastructure, that align seamlessly with your business strategies.

Make the most of your technology with Kitameraki's Enterprise Architecture (EA) Services. Check out our EA service to learn more.

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Enterprise Architecture for Dental Company

Our Latest Work

To support the aggressive growth in Indonesia of an Healthcare solution provider, we designed and built…

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What is Enterprise Architecture and why is it Important?

Enterprise architecture (EA) is like a Blueprint or a master plan for a company's technology and business strategy.
EA goes beyond IT.


EA takes a Holistic Approach and provide a Strategic Framework & Methodologies that aligns Technology, Processes, and People to achieve Business Goals.

To reach great heights, you need a strong foundation, a clear plan, and a well-coordinated effort. Enterprise architecture is similar - it provides a solid foundation for businesses to achieve their goals and grow successfully.

Enterprise architecture is important for:

  • Alignment

  • Efficiency

  • Flexibility

  • Risk Management

  • Innovation

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Kitameraki Enterprise Architecture Framework

TOGAF Aligned Approach

Our framework is aligned with The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), one of the most widely recognized and respected methodologies in the field of enterprise architecture.

This approach ensures comprehensive coverage of all aspects of your architecture, from business and data to application and technology layers. Our TOGAF-aligned processes facilitate thorough analysis, planning, and implementation of scalable and sustainable enterprise systems.

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Interested in seeing how our framework can transform your business? Reach out to us now for a personalized consultation!

Why Choosing Kitameraki?

Choosing Kitameraki means partnering with a leader in enterprise architecture, one who has successfully navigated complex transformations across various industries and global markets. Our track record is distinguished by numerous successful implementations in sectors such as retail, e-commerce, healthcare and banking. 

Our Enterprise Architect team

Our team comprises seasoned consultants who have extensive experience in delivering enterprise architecture solutions across various industries.


Our project team also include certified project managers, each possessing prestigious certifications like PMP (Project Management Professional), PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments), and Agile methodologies.


This diverse certification portfolio ensures that we are equipped to manage projects of all sizes and complexities, adapting to various methodologies that best suit the project requirements. 

Contact us Today and discover the difference Kitameraki can make to advance your business!


We listen to businesses and give them the tools they need for success.

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