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Customer Review: Technology Advisory for a Digital Transformation Firm

Updated: Feb 22, 2023


I am the Founder and Managing Partner of OmniStrada, a boutique digital consulting firm based in Singapore that advises and supports B2C & B2B businesses with their digital transformation projects across Asia. Providing strategic planning and project management support, the OmniStrada team works with the C-suite and the rest of the management team to articulate, prioritize, plan and execute pragmatic and tactical Digital Transformation and OmniChannel strategies; whilst addressing organizational and local market challenges and realities.

A great example to explain how important Omnichannel Customer Experience is in a business is Disney with their theme park Disneyland. With their mobile-responsive website where their visitors can book and plan their entire trip using the My Disney Experience tool. With this feature, visitor vacation plans can be organized in detail into daily itineraries so the visitor can easily update and add reservations or schedule personal reminders.

There is also a Magic Wrist Band, an all-in-one device that effortlessly connects the visitors to all the vacation choices they made with My Disney Experience. It can be used as a key to visitors’ hotel room, or it can be linked to their credit card and used for making any payments within Disneyland.

In that case, Disney demonstrated how the visitors can create memorable seamless experience by connecting multiple touchpoints together into one unified and working system.

For one of our healthcare projects, we needed technology advisory support and services to design a technology platform that would support the business transformation strategy of our client.

Our objective was to elaborate the digital transformation and omnichannel strategy that would position our client as a healthcare leader in their markets.

Parties involved in this project included the company CxO and subject matter experts from various departments (finance, supply chain, HR), and Kitameraki consultants as Technology partner.

Project Description

As part of our Digital Transformation framework, we started with a consolidation and Review phase. During this phase, we review and consolidate business and project requirements and inputs with our customer management and other project stakeholders to determine what are our customer needs for the success of this project.

We also performed a benchmark on several aspects with competitors from similar industry but also best-in-class companies from other industries to deliver top notch customer experiences, processes, and Technology solutions.

Other activities were designing the Omnichannel experience, defining the needed features for the customer-facing and user digital solutions we need to deliver, project planning, etc.

Result & Feedback

I have worked and collaborated with Kitameraki consultants for almost 3 years, in projects where they've scoped and delivered top-grade IT projects and strategies. It was an obvious natural choice to bring them on board this project.

All project milestones were reached as initially planned. Customer was really satisfied with the services and product delivered by the project team. Upon the successful delivery, the client asked us to also support them on another one of their healthcare divisions.

There was an excellent and very fluid communication between our team and Kitameraki team. We had an effective project coordination and timely deliveries with an efficient use of collaborative and project management platforms.

Kitameraki consultants have definitely been instrumental to the success of the digital transformation plan by designing the required Enterprise Architecture and building the Technology platform to support this ambitious and challenging digital transformation project.

Kitameraki will provide you the best solution for your company's needs. Contact us to find out more!

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