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Kitameraki provide comprehensive IT Assessment services to help organizations gain a clear understanding of their technology ecosystem and identify areas for improvement. Our method of IT Assessment can also be used in conducting ITGC (Information Technology General Control) Audits & IT Due Diligence.


ITG Audits ensure that your organization's IT controls and governance frameworks are effective, compliant, and aligned with industry standards and IT Due Diligence will help you make informed decision during mergers, acquisitions, or investments.

Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your IT environment using the COBIT Framework. We will thoroughly assess your IT systems, infrastructure, processes, and controls, encompassing hardware, software, networks, data management, and security measures.


This assessment will also includes evaluating compliance, identifying vulnerabilities, and assessing the skills of your IT staff to ensure they are equipped to support your organization's needs. 

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IT Assessment, IT Audit, and IT Due Diligence Services

IT Assessment

An IT Assessment is a thorough evaluation of an organization's IT infrastructure, systems, and processes, aimed at providing senior management with insights into the current state of their IT environment. It helps identify areas of strength, weakness, and areas for improvement, ultimately enabling informed decision-making regarding IT investments and strategies. This assessment includes:

Infrastructure Analysis

Review of hardware, software, networks, and data centers to assess their performance, capacity, and security.

System Evaluation

Examination of existing systems and applications to determine their effectiveness, compatibility, and alignment with business goals.

Security Audit

Assessment of security policies, procedures, and controls to identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Data Management Review

Analysis of data storage, backup, and recovery processes to ensure data integrity, availability, and confidentiality.

IT Governance & Strategy

Evaluation of IT governance frameworks, strategic alignment with business objectives, and risk management practices.

IT Staff Skills Assessment

Review of the skills, training, and capabilities of IT personnel to ensure they can effectively support the organization's IT needs.

IT General Control Audits

Comprehensive IT audits are essential exercises undertaken by organizations to comply with regulatory mandates, optimize governance and operational effectiveness, drive process enhancements, and meet stringent certification criteria. Our ITGC audits meticulously evaluate general IT controls, including:

Screenshot 2024-05-14 173742.png

Identify the main problem/risk in various aspects of general IT controls and assess the effectiveness of the company's existing general IT controls

Describe the potential consequences that can arise from each identified problem and provide recommendations for improvement/mitigation

Finalization of the IT audit report in the form of a management letter containing on conditions, risks, recommendations and management responses

IT Due Dilligence

Companies can destroy themselves by buying other companies without fully understanding what they are getting and not making assimilation plans. The ability of both companies to embrace each other and to take advantage of the strengths of each company in a merger is an important ingredient towards success. Our IT Due Diligence services will:

Help you understand the needs and problems of the IT division by 
presenting the capabilities and capacity of the IT division

Provide comprehensive reports that will provide a detailed picture of the company's IT conditions, risks,  key 
persons, IT operating budget, IT capital expenditure needs, and IT 
transition plan

Uncover critical information relating to stability, service support, scalability, and costs, ultimately informing strategic planning and decision-making.

Why Choosing Kitameraki?

At our technology consulting services company, we are dedicated to helping businesses in Indonesia optimize their IT infrastructure and operations. Our IT assessment services are designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your technology landscape, pinpointing areas for improvement and opportunities to enhance efficiency. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you refine your organization's IT processes and maximize ROI.

Our IT Consultants

When it comes to IT assessments and audits, only trust professionals with the right skills.

All our consultants hold reputable certifications in IT systems analysis and auditing, enabling them to comprehensively evaluate and provide recommendations for optimizing the computing systems prevalent in your IT infrastructure.


Our IT Assessment methodology aligns with the globally recognized COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) framework, ensuring a comprehensive and structured approach to evaluating your IT governance, processes, and controls.

We listen to businesses and give them the tools they need for success.

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