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Customer Review: Technology Consulting for A Gelato Brand


According to Bank Indonesia, Bali was the province most impacted by the pandemic. In the third and fourth quarter of 2020, the economic growth of Bali decreased by 12%. This decrease occurred due to Bali's economy's dependence on the travel and tourism industry. It is estimated that 70% of Bali’s economy comes from the tourism industry. Despite the collapse of the tourism industry due to the pandemic, Bali’s Governor tried to rebuild the province's economy by supporting local businesses and agriculture, as the two industries did not collapse even after the pandemic hit and two of the three pillars of Bali economy. The agriculture sector encountered challenges as Bali's economy expanded, pandemic also disrupted the supply chain and market range. Due to pandemic policies, agricultural products could only be marketed throughout the island in 2020. Currently, the Bali government urged citizens to support local businesses and encouraged them to market their goods outside of Bali.

Leoni Gelato is a gelato company located in Bali. Leoni Gelato showed their gratitude to Bali by producing their gelato in their Badung laboratory every day and sourcing flavorful fruits from the local farmers since 2014. Leoni Gelato innovated their products by making them on sticks and in cups to be easily served, stored, and distributed. Because of this invention, Leoni has spread their products to over 500 distributors in Java and Bali. By doing this, Leoni has secured its position as one of Bali's agricultural marketplaces and supported the local economy.

Project Description

As their business is expanding, Leoni Gelato has more assets to handle. One of their assets is their display freezer, which they use to store gelato in every selling point such as restaurants and cafes. This freezer, for example, needs to be maintained occasionally, this is the reason Leoni Gelato needs an assets management system. Kitameraki assisted Leoni Gelato by benchmarking the right asset management systems. After comparing the two asset management systems, Leoni Gelato chose the one that met their requirements, has the best user interface, and has a notification or alert feature. Kitameraki then assisted Leoni Gelato in the implementation of this asset management system.

Leoni Gelato had also issues with their collaborative tools, such as communication, emails, and sharing documents. Kitameraki then recommended that Leoni Gelato choose Microsoft 365 as their collaborative tool platform since it offers all Office, mail, and Teams tools. Kitameraki then prepared the migration from Leoni Gelato's current setup to the Microsoft Platform, including the configuration of Microsoft Tenant, DNS (Domain Name System), and Exchange. On the scheduled day, their email arrived with their freshly set-up Outlook accounts without any issues. Furthermore, Kitameraki Consultant offered training on how to use Microsoft 365 features, including Teams, OneDrive, and Planner.

Results and Feedback

I am Guillaume Ricard, the CEO of Leoni Gelato. After the implementation of the project, Leoni Gelato is now more prepared to participate in this new growth stage. We are now capable to communicate by email and message without encountering any technical issues. The company information is more securely stored and organized now with the new asset management platform.

Our team and Kitameraki have very good collaboration for this project. The consultants from Kitameraki were very knowledgeable about collaborative platforms. They went beyond the "ordinary" training and made useful recommendations during the implementation. Additionally, they offer solutions that are affordable. Collaboration with a reliable partner is essential when handling sensitive information, which is what Kitameraki has now become for us.


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