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Talent Speak Series: Dandi, Junior Data Scientist

Greetings, my name is Dandi Junaedi, and I'm a Kitameraki Junior Data Scientist. I graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung with a degree in Engineering Physics. I enjoy browsing the internet for articles that will satisfy my curiosity about how the world or the universe works. I reckon that today's engineering problem has evolved into a data-driven approach in order to gain the most optimal result. To achieve that, someone must scrutinize the elusive sea of data to provide useful information for decision-making. That's the kind of person I'd like to be.

As a Junior Data Scientist at Kitameraki, I'm responsible for analyzing client data. Real-world industrial data is a mess, requiring a significant amount of time to wrangle the data. The data is also highly complex that it's difficult to derive insights from it or create a good machine learning model without first grasping its context. Visualizing the data and reading numerous related research articles will enable you to accomplish these objectives.

Machine learning is not like the robot in those movies that can generalize any data it is given. It can detect patterns by minimalizing the cost function we provide, but it doesn't understand it. But still, machine learning has a lot of potentials to be harnessed. The data scientist's role is to contextualize the machine learning model so that we can come up with a convincing answer to the problem.

I am proud to be a part of Kitameraki as a Junior Data Scientist. There are lots of opportunities for me to grow. The people here are awesome. They work hard, are friendly, enjoy assisting others, and enjoy learning new things together. This company also has some intriguing values. Kitameraki's technology implementation is not biased, which means that we find the most relevant technology without glorifying a specific product. Kitameraki also encourages communication in order to provide the best services, whether with peers or clients.

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