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Customer Review: Business Intelligence for Risk & Security Solutions Company


The people of Myanmar now face significantly greater humanitarian needs as a result of a disastrous COVID-19 third wave and an unmatched political, social, and humanitarian crisis. Since the beginning of the year, when the military overthrew the democratically elected Government and took control of the nation, the situation has gotten worse. Human trafficking risk and incidence, which were already rise in 2021, are predicted to worsen. There is a greater risk of children being killed, injured, trafficked, recruited, and exploited in armed conflict in areas where entire communities are being relocated. In this despair situation, the people of Myanmar need security more than ever.

Exera is a leading security company in Myanmar. This company offers world-class security services in Guards & Protective Services, Secure Transportation & Cash-In-Transit, and also Investigation and Risk Services. This company has already standardized internationally with SO 9001, OHSAS 18000, ANSI/ASIS PSC 1, and ISO 18788. Exera is an expert in their country’s security environment with 100 years of combined experience in security sector, bringing together professionals from variety of backgrounds from local and international, and has already served from oil and gas companies to the UN agencies operating in Myanmar. Facing political instability, they have developed new services to help their clients make the right decisions and keep their staff and assets safe.

Exera publishes weekly and monthly risk review news that specifically highlights incidents taking place in Myanmar. The risk team wants to simplify and enhance this evaluation because it takes a lot of time to complete. Exera management also wishes to provide a more digitalized solution for reports, maps, and dashboards for their customers while remaining simple to use and straight to the point in terms of information shared. But, Exera did not have the in-house expertise to take that digital turn, therefore they looked for a technology partner to design and implement the mapping solution they needed. Kitameraki was introduced by Exera’s Managing Director, who had prior experience collaborating with this technology consulting company and was very satisfied with the services they provided.

Project Description

Exera has built the most comprehensive events database with detailed information (date/time, category, target, GPS coordinates, etc.), but the mapping platform today is facing some technical issues and lacking in recent upgrades. The legacy platform for their GIS (Geographic Information System) activity became obsolete and is no longer used by the risk team. The project was to implement a new GIS platform. Kitameraki consultants did recommendation stage before doing the project, adjusting the solution based on Exera needs, budget and availability of the tools in the market. Kitameraki spent a month for assessing GIS tools available, benchmarking with Exera requirements, making a shortlist and finale recommendation to use Tableau Software as GIS for Exera.

Recommended solution was built on an off the shelve product, Tableau software, for the data visualization part and a custom web development for the data capture. This solution brings the powerful capability of Tableau software to design personalized reports without the workload to develop them, while keeping the flexibility at the data entry with the custom web development.

Result and Feedback

Exera switched from a clumsy, handmade Excel database to a fast, fully-integrated security dashboard, generating compelling visuals and data within a few clicks. The solutions that Kitameraki gave have transformed their management way of working that improve the productivity and efficiency of the risk team. Exera also made use of this solution to create a new product that their client can subscribe to. Exera customer has now the capability to perform their own risk analysis on the platform. Recently, this new product—the security dashboard—has been such a hit that Exera customers have expressed interest in signing up for the service. Encouraged by this success, Exera management is exploring options to extends product with additional features and better serve the demands of the customers.

I am Exera Chief Analyst, Martin Michalon. Working with Kitameraki was a pleasure for Exera because of their knowledgeable and effective consultants. They are highly trustworthy and adhere well to the budget, scope of work, and deadline agreed upon. Exera was quite satisfied that although though the consultants' knowledge of the IT solutions they market was impeccable, they also paid close attention to Exera's needs and actually comprehended what this security organization required. Exera was able to create the service they desired thanks to their increased client attention and swift, in-depth understanding of their company's requirements. An extra special thank you to William, the project manager, who has been wonderfully supportive, creative, and committed to the project. Exera is delighted with the services Kitameraki has offered and will without a doubt suggest Kitameraki to any business searching for a reliable partner in digital transformation.


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