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At Kitameraki, we take pride in our position as a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services in Indonesia. We specialize in harnessing the power of RPA solutions, which include industry-leading platforms such as UIPath and Microsoft Power Automate.


RPA empowers companies to eliminate repetitive manual tasks, enhancing accuracy and consistency while minimizing human errors. This, in turn, improves overall process quality and compliance. Organizations can then achieve significant time and cost savings, leading to a rapid return on investment (ROI) and a sustainable competitive advantage.


Contact us to explore how Kitameraki's RPA services can revolutionize your business operations. Alternatively, you can dive deeper into our comprehensive offerings on our service page.


RPA: The Future of Business Automation


RPA is remarkably versatile and finds applications in a wide range of industries and business functions...

Case Studies

Streamline and Automate your Operations with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a transformative technology that enables organizations to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks using software robots or "bots." These bots emulate human interactions with digital systems, executing tasks across various applications and systems with speed and accuracy. RPA solutions are designed to streamline workflows, enhance operational efficiency, and drive digital transformation across industries.

By automating routine tasks with advanced AI algorithms and computer vision, organizations can optimize resource allocation, minimize errors, and accelerate process execution. Moreover, RPA solutions facilitate seamless integration with existing systems, allowing companies to maximize their investments in technology infrastructure.

Kitameraki's RPA-related services

RPA implementation utilizing UIPath

Harness the power of UIPath, a leading RPA platform, to automate complex business processes, improve operational efficiency, and drive innovation.

See a bot capturing invoices data automatically and then directly fills the form in the Accounting System (Website).

RPA implementation utilizing Power Automate

Leverage Microsoft Power Automate to automate simpler workflows. Benefit from ready-to-use integration with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and seamless connectivity with other industry-leading solutions, empowering your organization with unparalleled integration and scalability.

Advanced Computer Vision

Leverage computer vision technologies to enable bots to interpret and analyze visual content, expanding the capabilities of RPA to include tasks that require visual perception.

RPA Consulting

Benefit from our expert RPA consultants' guidance in designing, implementing, and optimizing RPA solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

Why Choosing Kitameraki?

Kitameraki brings extensive experience in implementing RPA solutions to automate business processes, driving significant savings in time and human resources while enhancing quality and compliance. Our proven track record of successful RPA implementations across diverse industries positions us as a trusted partner for organizations embarking on their digital transformation journey.

Our RPA Consultants

Our team of RPA consultants comprises seasoned professionals with in-depth expertise in utilizing industry-leading solutions such as UIPath and Power Automate.


Additionally, our consultants possess comprehensive knowledge of key business functions and are adept in change management and project management practices, ensuring smooth implementation and adoption of RPA solutions within your organization.

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We listen to businesses and give them the tools they need for success.

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