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Talent Speak Series: Ata, HR, GA, and Marketing Admin

Hello everyone, my name is Siti Atarfa Rahmida, people usually call me Ata, and I graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology, majoring in Postharvest Technology. In my free time, I write and read works of fiction. I also listen to a vast genre of music. My position in Kitameraki is HR, Accounting, and Marketing Admin.

As general admin of Kitameraki, I handle the job interviews for candidates, employee attendance, expenses, social media posts, writing articles, and other business development activities. The best part of my job is meeting with new people for interviews every week and searching for something new for the articles I write as part of digital marketing. Writing articles is still challenging for me because I am accustomed to writing scientific journals that have a fixed format, while writing about the IT industry requires me to learn much more about something I am not familiar with, especially since Kitameraki has clients from many industries and keeping up with the company's projects is the real challenge. As I enter the second month of my probation, I will have to delve deeper into business development and familiarize myself with all the activities. And I am excited to face the challenges ahead.

As a consulting firm, Kitameraki provides me with knowledge about consulting businesses and keeps me informed about current trends in the technology sector and what industries are grabbing people's attention. The way Kitameraki teams give everything they're capable of to help customers inspires me and demonstrates how this business lives up to its name. To help me keep up with their clients and projects, the team is very supportive and never hesitates to provide me with assistance. The finest reward the team can receive is the satisfaction of the client. For my position on the team, I am delighted when I can engage with clients, whether it is through articles I write or other digital marketing I perform.

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