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Talent Speak Series: Franky, Junior Frontend Developer

Hello, my name is Franky Perwira. I have graduated from Gadjah Mada University, majoring in physics engineering. Before deciding to switch careers to become a web developer, I worked as an instrument engineer for 2 years. Recognizing the potential for ongoing technological advancements, I finally decided to start learning web development. During my free time, I usually spend my spare time jogging, playing games, or reading books.

Currently, I work as a junior front-end developer at Kitameraki. My responsibilities include creating code and designing user interfaces that work both visually and functionally. Additionally, I keep learning about concepts in React, as it is the main focus of our library. There are some challenging things for me in my role, such as how to write code properly in typescript, how to think out a good UI/UX component style, and how to write the code efficiently. But all of those things make me feel thirsty to keep growing up.

I've gained a lot of new insights since joining Kitameraki. I've come to understand that coding is not just how to make our code work but also how to write code that is efficient, reusable, and understandable to others who may review it in the future. We are not writing the code for use in the present, but also as long as the code is relevant to the features that we want. This wouldn't have been possible without the guidance and direction of my colleagues and senior team members.

Persistence and curiosity are two of the most important qualities that a developer should possess in order to advance. Sometimes I should solve my code error, which takes much of my time, but the feeling is so incredible when I can overcome it. Never hesitate or even feel shame to ask our work colleagues, because we never know from whom we got the valuable information. Keep fighting and keep coding!

Talent Speak Series: Franky, Junior Frontend Developer

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