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Talent Speak Series: Alvyn, Junior Full Stack Developer

Updated: Apr 5

Hi! I'll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Muhammad Alvyn Muharrom. A fresh graduate of Information Technology from Darma Persada University in East Jakarta. My position in Kitameraki is Jr. Fullstack Developer. I am so fascinated by Japanese culture that I regularly watch anime and documentaries about how the Japanese live. In my free time, I usually play games with my friends, do cleaning, or just take a rest, lying back and being thankful for life.

A Fullstack Developer is a position to develop and maintain an application that is responsible both for the frontend (UI, UX) and the backend (Logic, Database, etc.). Within my job description, I'm responsible for maintenance and developing running projects under the supervision of higher-ups. As a junior who is totally new to the tech stack, this is a very important step in my career. I learn much about how professionals do their work, especially about how to communicate with clients.

There are so many challenges I face when working. Occasionally, I break one or two things within the code, try a new feature that I've never seen possible, and a little undercommunication with colleagues commonly happens to me. But everyone has been supportive and always reminds me to be careful at work and don't hesitate to ask questions. But I've not yet come to my best part in my work as I'm still not as productive as my seniors. Kitameraki attracts me more because of the position it offers. A full-stack developer with different techstack excites me to join and starts a whole new adventure.

As a member of Kitameraki, the core value of the company drives me to be better every day. Pouring love and soul into the craft that I've learned to do is the only way for me to grow my skills. Keep your productivity consistent, keep up the work-life balance, don't stop learning, ask for guidance, and pray to God. This is the key to success at work for me. In the long term, I'll be savoring the fruit of my effort all this time. And yet I shouldn't take pride in it and keep trying to be better for myself, both of my parents, my family, my nation, and my God.

Speak Talent Speak Series: Alvyn, Junior Full Stack Developer

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