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Talent Speaks Series: Haekal, Junior Web Developer

Hi! Let me introduce myself, my name is Haekal Arif Rozikin. I graduated from SMKN 1 Rangkasbitung, where I participated in a project to create a web application to take a queue for new student registration at school. I also got the chance to participate in a Banten Province student competency competition in the field of web development in September 2021. Once in a while, I like to play sports, particularly futsal, learn how to cook, and watch movies.

As a junior web developer, I have the responsibility to translate designs (mockups) and flows that have been made by system analysis, create an attractive and responsive web UI on all devices, collaborate with backend developers, and implement APIs that have been made by backend developers. Looking at the bigger picture, I believe that as technology consultants, we are providing solutions to solve a problem using technology as a medium. There is a number of challenges of being a web developer. First, it's really a work that drains your mind. I suggest drinking more water to stay focused, or more coffee for those who like it. Second, you have to be familiar with the development of technology. It is important to keep yourself updated on the latest trends. Finally, no matter how many bugs and errors there are, your task must be resolved before the deadline given. The most rewarding part of the job is when I can say "You are great!" to myself for successfully fixing a complex bug/error. The more complex the application is and the more complicated its logic is, the more satisfying it will be for me.

What attracted me to join Kitameraki is that even though I'm a fresh graduate who doesn't have any experience working as a developer, I am still given the opportunity to work as a junior developer. In addition, programming is my hobby, who doesn't want to have a hobby as your work? Here, I'm sure I can grow because I am surrounded with great people. There are numerous factors to suceed in Kitameraki. Aside from the technical expertise you need to have, you also need to have good ethics, communication, cooperation, critical thinking, empathy, and proactive skills. To me, success is when you can provide solutions with creative ideas to solve customer's problem.

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