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Looking for New Leads in a Specific Industry

You have probably heard that collaborating is important for any company. But, why?

Collaborating with other companies is inseparable from the process of business development. The most challenging part is compiling a list of companies to contact. However, it is a necessary part of any company’s marketing plan and the procedure doesn’t need to be that tough. An ideal first step for a company to gain more leads is by creating a target list of relevant companies which fall under the same industry. What are some ways to do this?

There are several effective ways to do so:

1. Online Paid Databases: Databases can be found all over the internet which give you access to information on any company. You are able to pay for lists of companies which can be filtered by size, industry, revenue, location, and many more settings. Several paid databases allow you to access lists of companies in any given sector. You can filter by geography, company size, revenue figures, etc. You can find lists of Indonesian companies at websites like Global Database, BoldData, or LexisNexis.


Option to filter

Ready lists for any number of companies

Gives you extra information about companies


Can be costly

Usually a subscription

Might still need manual work to clean up the list given to fit actual needs

2. Directories and Yellow Pages: You can filter through companies on websites for free based on location or ZIP codes since many companies are now linked to Google Maps. You are able to find more information also on these directories about the company such as contact details and address.


Some filtering options

Large company database


A lot of manual work to find specific companies based on other filters

3. Publishers/event organisers: In many cases, industries have special publishers or show organizers. They compile data of companies in their certain industries and usually share them with interested parties. They provide lists of companies which sometimes come with information about them such as location, revenue, and company size.

For example, many organizations hold seminars on specific topics where many employees of companies attend. Through these seminars you can easily identify companies and the person in contact, adding to a list that you will need to contact. There are websites that provide lists and schedules of seminars like Conference Alerts.


Highly relevant to your targeted industry

Cheaper than other options


Little to no extra information about the company so there will still be manual work through other sources to find such information

4. Industry associations: Almost every industry has a forum or some type of association of companies that run in the industry. They can be seen as lists of members on their websites which is free to view.

For example, if you are a company that is in the Palm Oil Industry, you can look at the Indonesian Palm Oil Association and there is a list of members of this association listed on the website.


Usually at no cost

Lists are highly relevant to your industry


Manual work to look at many different companies’ websites

If companies are not registered within the association, then it can be hard to collect as many companies as possible

If you are interested in collaborating with us, don't forget to contact us!

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