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Talent Speaks Series: Mulki, Lead Engineer

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Hi, my name is Mulki Febrianto, people usually call me Mulki. I successfully completed my bachelor's degree in information engineering and my master's degree in information technology. I have several hobbies, for instance playing games, watching movies, and sometimes travelling. Those kinds of activities helps me refresh my mind and it keeps me ready for new things at work.

At Kitameraki, I am responsible as the Lead Engineer. Designing the system architecture, conducting implementation, testing and validating the system, are all part of what I do every day. The most challenging part of the job is to transfer your knowledge to your team member while at the same time try to work on the project you are responsible for, and to learn new things that could improve your skill set. Personally, I feel it rewarding every time I could influence my team member to learn new things and simultaneously, I could learn something new from them.

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of new things at Kitameraki that I could learn such as business development, project management, financial and many more besides just the technical skills. It really helps me broaden my knowledge and perspective. In my opinion, Kitameraki means to work together between engineers and product owners / managers with passion and creativity. The end goal is to solve customer's problems with unique tools and solutions such as software products. Here, we need to balance between sharing, learning, and working so that we can improve together and eventually grow the company. As for the definition of success, I believe it is when you can deliver solution to solve your user's problem whilst also learning new things in the process.

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