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Talent Speak Series: Pras, Full Stack Developer

Hello everyone. My name is Syifa A Prasetyo. My friends usually call me Pras. I was born in Bandung, West Java. I graduated from Universitas Padjadjaran majoring in Geophysics and now I work at Kitameraki as Full Stack Developer. Besides working as a developer, normally I spend my spare time bicycling around the city, watching movies and anime, or just lying back in my bedroom.

As a Full Stack Developer at Kitameraki, I am responsible for the frontend side and the backend side. Within my job description, I need to design, develop, coding, documenting, and maintaining the whole app. Honestly, being a Full Stack Developer is a new thing for me. Previously, I worked as a Backend Developer. So it's just the backend side. Learning and developing frontend is a challenge for me, especially in this job. But through this challenge I learned many new things and that is the best part.

In Kitameraki, we know that Kitameraki is formed from 2 words. "Kita" is Indonesian word for We and "Meraki" is a Greek word which means to do something with soul, creativity, or love. For me, this is very meaningful when carrying out my responsibilities. Where when I do a job, it's not just about finishing it and being able to continue other work. But this is about how we collaborate with other members as a team and produce a product that has value and benefits society. So, to achieve that goal, we need to follow the following principles: Continuous Learning because as developers, we should always be open to lifelong learning; Collaborate with Peers when facing obstacles or challenges, it's essential to seek help and guidance from teammates or fellow developers; Ask for feedback to improve skill and capability; And keep praying to god because we are nothing without God's help.

Talent Speak Series: Pras, Full Stack Developer
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