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Talent Speaks Series: Ratih, Junior BI Consultant

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Hello! My name is Ratih Nidya Ayu Citra Putri Pratama, you can call me Ratih. I am a geophysical engineering graduate who has interest in data-driven reporting using business intelligence (BI) tools. BI itself is a technology that helps transform data into information or insight. In my free time, I like to either hang out with my friends or just catch up with my family via a phone call or video call.

As a BI consultant at Kitameraki, my responsibilities include interpreting data into meaningful report and dashboard, identifying trends in a given data set, and reporting the results/findings to the user of the report. Of course, being a BI consultant has its own challenges. For instance, understanding the user's business needs so that I can interpret their data to a meaningful information is not an easy task. Now comes the best part of the job, which is that I can learn many things that are related to my job responsibilities, from business analysis to complex DAX functions. Here, I am also working and spending time with professional and fun colleagues.

The reason why I joined Kitameraki is because the values that are always upheld by Kitameraki - passionate and eager to learn - are inline with my working principles. Being passionate and eager to learn, from my own perspective, means that we as part of Kitameraki team will work professionally to provide the best solution for all existing and upcoming projects. To succeed in Kitameraki, understanding the user or client's needs, having a high desire to learn, critical thinking, and creative problem solving are all the necessary skill sets. I believe success is achieved when our clients are satisfied with the work/result we give.

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