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Customer Review: ERP Implementation for a Healthcare Company


This client is the COO of an innovative health investment & operating company that provide integrated solutions to bridge the healthcare infrastructure gap in Indonesia, specifically by providing financial and operational services to hospitals.

After successful partnerships with major hospitals in Indonesia, the company is now looking for advisory services to define the Technology Platform which could allow them to scale up while gaining even more operational efficiency.

Project Description

The company’s goal was to support their 50 branches' business expansion with the newly created technology platform and implemented ERP system. Over the course of a 2-year engagement with Kitameraki, the project is broken down into 5 phases.

At the vendor and system selection stage, Kitameraki assisted in the sourcing and selection process for various digital assets, such as ERP, Clinical Information System, Business Intelligence, etc. Using our own vendor selection framework, we came up with technology partner with whom we successfully delivered projects. An ERP platform and system integrator was appointed after a 2-month selection process.

The next step is the requirement gathering and design stage. At this stage, Kitameraki held interviews with subject matter expert, finalized discovery of the ERP, and map as is and to be condition.

At the implementation stage, we assisted during the whole digital transformation journey by successfully delivering various programs / projects, on time and on budget. Some deliverables and outcomes highlighted include implementation of ERP (10 months process) and implementation of a Clinical Information System (4 months process). After a successful implementation, the project moved on to the user acceptance test stage and eventually, the transition stage, where go live preparations are made and data migrations go live.

Parties involved in this project includes the project sponsors (CEO), project stakeholders (CFO and COO), project manager, functional & technical consultant, and internal subject matter expert (finance, supply chain, HR).

Result & Feedback

Kitameraki successfully completed the project, which standardized business processes across branches with better data quality. The system reduced inventory discrepancies and sped up the closing process. Overall, Kitameraki’s ERP knowledge produced top-notch outcomes, which led to a successful collaboration. Kitameraki consultant were instrumental in the successful delivery of the project.


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