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Customer Review : ERP Implementation for an Healthcare Investment Company


I am the Group CFO of a Singapore based healthcare investment and operating firm that provides integrated solutions to bridge the infrastructure gap for healthcare delivery in Southeast Asia.

The company needed to build a technology platform to support our company aggressive growth: opening 40 branches in 3 years. An ERP would be the backbone of this technology platform, standardizing end to end business processes across all branches, improving overall data quality and enabling the Management to better drive the company.

As we did not have internal capability to execute such complex project, we hired Kitameraki consultants to accompany us during this digital transformation journey.

Project Description

We started with a Vendor and ERP selection phase. Kitameraki consultants briefed us on how critical this phase was. Choosing the wrong ERP or Vendor would not only cost us money, but would delay the deployment of our business strategy. During this phase, we mapped some of our key business processes and benchmark shortlisted ERPs to deliver these business processes. In addition, using a Kitameraki framework, we assessed the capability of every vendor to support us during an ERP implementation. This phase ends once we have selected an ERP and appointed a Vendor.

The next phase was the actual ERP implementation where a Kitameraki consultant acted as our project manager. he coached and advised our teams, and drove the vendor during the whole implementation phase. Some of the key processes with focused-on during this implementation were:

  • Standardization and robustness of the billing process

  • Reduction in discrepancies in inventory

  • Faster accounting closing

  • Reduce the time and effort required to carry daily activities

  • Keep the accounts payable process secure and improve payment control

  • Better picture of the company performances

Result & Feedback

Overall, this ERP implementation project was a total success with a delivery on time and on budget.

This ERP system really deliver expected benefits in term of having efficient end to end processes and improved data quality.

The whole project implementation went smoothly, thanks to the support of Kitameraki consultants. As a customer, it’s important to have a trusted partner that is knowledgeable and adaptive during a complex project transformation. Kitameraki consultants brought Functional and Technical expertise, and they are also well-versed in term of change management.

Knowing that 30% ERP project implementation fail or does not deliver expected benefits, I can only recommend any company that is about the start this journey to rely on Kitameraki consultants to increase their chance of having a successful project implementation.

Kitameraki is a Technology an Operation Consulting company. We have a long term experience in term of business application implementation, such as ERP, CRM, etc in various industries. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.


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