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Probax Backup

Probax Backup


Probax MSP Backup is the most reliable and powerful backup management solution for delivering Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Microsoft 365 protection, custom-built for MSPs that serve the SMB market.

Probax MSP Backup simplifies the enterprise-grade power of Veeam Data Platform and seamlessly integrates it with the performance, scalability and value of Wasabi hot cloud storage.

This is the 'easy button' for Veeam. With MSP Backup, MSP Partners can easily safeguard physical, virtual, public cloud and Microsoft 365 workloads with comprehensive multi-client visibility, granular control and time-saving automation.

MSP Backup

Seamlessly manage all your Veeam-protected client environments with a choice of BYO or bundled Veeam licenses and BYO or bundled Wasabi storage. Get centralized multi-client visibility, management and automation, flexible protection, data residency and portability, security and immutability. Include optional MSP Backup for Microsoft 365 within MSP Backup.

MSP Backup for Microsoft 365 (Standalone)

The most reliable and powerful Microsoft 365 backup solution tailored for MSPs who want to reduce complexity and get more control, automation and straightforward storage, all from a centralized web portal. Our innovative recovery assurance keeps your MSP one step ahead of any client data loss event. What’s more, MSPs can empower their SMB clients with a dedicated portal for end-user self-servicing, enhancing the customer experience.

Leverage extensive MSP Backup key features, including:

  • Simplified and Automated BaaS Deployment - Safeguard physical, virtual, and public cloud workloads with incredible ease and efficiency.

  • Powerful Data Protection for Microsoft 365 - simple and automated cloud-to-cloud protection, enhanced by our innovative automated testing and health verification tools to keep clients one step ahead of any data loss event. Available as part of MSP Backup, or as a standalone product.

  • Flexible Solutions Tailored to Your MSP - opt for all-encompassing All-In-One (AIO) plans, inclusive of Veeam licensing and Wasabi storage, or embrace true flexibility with our Bring-Your-Own (BYO) plans, allowing you to utilize your existing Veeam licensing and/or Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

  • Storage Flexibility for Global Needs - Select your ideal Wasabi storage region, per end-client, catering to data sovereignty and compliance prerequisites.

  • Enhanced Ransomware Protection - guarantee client data safety with end-to-end encryption and immutability.

  • Proactive Issue Management - harness our best-practices analyzer and resolver for peak operational efficiency. With our exclusive Veeam log analyzer and auto-remediation, pre-emptively fix issues before they escalate.

  • Unified Backup Management - effortlessly oversee data backup and management, with multi-client visibility, automation, and intuitive end-client self-service capabilities.

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