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Talent Speaks Series: Aurelia, HR, GA and Marketing Admin

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Hi there! My name is Aurelia Celline. People usually adress me as Aurel. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. A few years ago, I was graduated from civil engineering major started my career in a construction project. Aside from my technical background and work, I am also someone who is very interested in art. I have studied dance and fine arts since I was a child in my spare time. In the last few years, I've also started studying graphic design and video editing to add to my skills that I might find useful. In my spare time, I spend a lot of time playing games. Sometimes I also like to read detective story books or watch documentaries about mystery cases.

At Kitameraki, I work for a general administration position. I am responsible for handling the general affairs of the company and also includes human resources, accounting and marketing. In a team, I believe all roles are equally important. This job is a new challenge for me. It made me learn a lot of new things. People always say, never stop learning. That's what I apply to my position. I learned a lot of new things after I worked at Kitameraki. Not only things that are directly related to my work, but also things that I can apply in my life outside of work.

The existence of a technology consulting company in Indonesia made me interested. I don't come across many companies like Kitameraki. That's why I was interested in being part of the Kitameraki team. For me, every successful job, there is a great team behind it. Kitameraki relies on teamwork in every project we undertake to provide the best results for our clients. As a team, we're all on the same boat with our respective duties. Working together is the key to be able to cross the ocean together. So that makes one person's success is everyone's success. Likewise with failure. That’s why cooperation and communication within the team is important. Developing skills and knowledge can also improve the quality of work. Kitameraki’s success is the result of good teamwork and communication to provide satisfaction to clients. Because client satisfaction is a reward for our hard work. That way, the good relationship between our company and clients will continue for a long time.

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