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Talent Speak Series: Anugrah, Junior Data Scientist

Greetings! My name is Anugrah Yazid Ghani, and I'm a Kitameraki Junior Data Scientist. I graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung with a degree in Ocean Engineering. I enjoy using the internet to find what I'm looking for.Now, data is a precious asset for any organization. It helps firms understand and enhance their processes, thereby saving time and money. Wastage of time and money, such as a terrible advertising decision, can deplete resources and severely impact a business. To achieve that, we need someone who specializes in data to provide a useful and optimal solution in decision-making, such as a data scientist.

As a Junior Data Scientist at Kitameraki, I'm responsible for organizing data in to usable formats, building predictive models, building machine learning algorithms, enhancing the data collection process, processing, cleansing & verifying of data, analyzing data for trends and patterns and to find optimum answers to specific questions, develop, implement and maintain databases, generating information and insights from data sets and identifying trends and patterns, preparing reports for project, and create visualizations of data.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to be associated only with futuristic-looking robots and a machine-dominated world. But artificial intelligence is far from that. Artificial intelligence aims at enabling machines to execute reasoning by replicating human intelligence. Because the primary goal of AI is to teach machines from experience, providing accurate information and allowing for self-correction is critical. AI experts rely on deep learning and natural language processing to help machines identify patterns and inferences.

I am proud to be a part of Kitameraki as a Junior Data Scientist. There are lots of opportunities for me to grow as someone who doesn’t have a background in IT. The people here are cool and awesome. They work hard, are friendly, assist others, and learn new things together. This company also has some intriguing values. Kitameraki is a technology consultant that encourages communication in order to provide the best services, whether with peers or clients.

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