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Microsoft Teams Tips #3 - When to use Channel conversation vs Chat

It can be sometime confusing when to post a message in Channel conversation or in Chat.

This basic guideline should help you make the right choice:

  • Guideline 1: Always favor Channel conversation to post a message !!!

Benefits of posting message in a Channel conversation

  • Message thread: Message thread is a great feature to view all the messages exchanged around specific topics. As it is not available in Chat, it can be more challenging to track multiple discussions.

  • Member Leaving a Team / Channel: Members leaving a Team will automatically loose access to all information, including conversation. In case of a chat, you have to manually access all chats and remove the leaving team member.

  • Custom tab: You can add custom tab to channel which can help gathering all information for this channel. You cannot add custom tab to a chat.

  • Chat disappear after 2 months. Whereas information still remain and can be search, chat without any post will disappear from your list.

When to use Chat

  • for casual or short topic discussion only !

  • for confidential discussion where no private channel is available

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