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HRIS Platforms in Indonesia: Choosing the Right One for You

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Are you part of the HR department at your company and have yet to figure out how to manage in the best way? Don't worry, you're not alone! Research from Gartner revealed that there are only 35% of HR leaders who have the mix of data, technology-based and social-creative skills needed to meet their functions’ requirements.

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Among the advancements of today, there are tools which can help any company control employee data, attendance, taxes, and salaries all in one space. Such a software is a necessity for any company that strives to be organized and efficient.

With the help of HRIS or Human Resources Information System, the work of HR’s can be easier and smoother. It has become widely available all over the world, even gaining its’ popularity in Indonesia. Unlike before, the variety of choices has expanded and the competition to be the best is more apparent as more providers in Indonesia seek to be the most appealing. Many of the HRIS platforms in Indonesia are produced with domestic quality with outstanding features to acquire the needs of clients.

Even with this height of trend, there is still a low number of HR practitioners who utilize this tool. The information regarding these platforms still need to be brought to their attention.

In this article, I will introduce some HRIS platforms in Indonesia along with its advantages and disadvantages. It can act as a guide in understanding which is best for your company. This article will assess the platforms based on features, plans, user limit, and user experience.


Talenta is part of the company Mekari and offers HRIS software to help manage HR operations from employee database systems to recruitment in one comprehensive and secure cloud-based application.

1. Features:

Recruitment and Onboarding/ Offboarding- Easily manage recruitment and onboarding processes, from job listings, online job applications, to CV databases, all in one platform

Internal Communication- Keep your company's internal communication easy and convenient through various features that enable two-way communication between employees and the company such as Announcements, Polls, Event Calendar, Mobile Push and Email Notifications, and Automatic Reminders.

Asset Management- Improve the accuracy of your company's asset management processes through our organized and easy-to-use HRIS system

Software Access and Multilayer Approval- Limit and secure company information with an access and approval system that is monitored, controlled, and protected according to standards

2. Plans:

Talenta provides two plans: Enterprise and Business. Business has less features such as no Mekari fingerprint and no Payroll disbursement.

3. User Limit:

Talenta does not discriminate in the size of the company. It provides plans that compensate the needs of small businesses to large ones.

4. User Experience:

Any interested company can schedule for a live demo to test Talenta’s services on the spot. They also offer a 14-day free trial to see if everything will run smoothly.

Along with the advantages of Talenta, there are some things you might need to take into consideration again. Even with the different plans, the Pro plan doesn’t give as many features as other platforms do in their cheaper plan. For example, in the Pro plan- budgeting is not available.


Sleekr is one of the most chosen HR applications that is often used by modern companies in Indonesia. Like Talenta, it works with Mekari. Apart from being equipped with payroll features commonly owned by web-based HR service providers, Sleekr is also supported by the MySleekr mobile application. The mobile application can be easily accessed by employees and HR managers with their respective smartphones. Users only need to have a special account, either a company-specific account managed by HR as admin, or a special employee account.

1. Features:

Sleekr has many different features like HR Administration, Attendance and Shift Management, Calculation of Payroll, PPh 21, and BPJS, Claims Management & Reimbursement, and Petty Cash.

The existence of the petty cash feature on the Sleekr HR service makes it very easy for HR to take care of claims or reimbursements from employees so that they can be paid immediately, of course in a very fast and efficient way. This petty cash feature is special to Sleekr.

2. Plans:

Sleekr provides two plans: Pro and Business. Pro has less features, for example it does not have Budgeting, Prepaid Revenue, Multi Currency, and Online Tax which is available in the Business plan.

3. User Limit:

Sleekr is intended for small and medium sized businesses- it recognizes the need for cloud accounting services that such business need and is therefore designed to provide for it.

4. User Experience:

Whichever plan is chosen, live chat support is provided for clients. Any interested company is also able to schedule for a demo to try out if Sleekr’s services fit their need.

Even with the different plans, the Pro plan doesn’t give as many features as other platforms do in their cheaper plan. For example, in the Pro plan- budgeting is not available.

Weefer Haermes

Weefer can help manage company administration and personnel through various features such as work contracts, promotions, attendance, leave, and so on. Weefer Haermes provides a special service for businesses that need a specific and unique HRIS software, accustomed to their needs.

1. Features:

The features provided by Weefer include those such as Employee Management (employee database), Attendance Management (attendance counting formula, auto-import from attendance engine), and Payroll (payroll calculation, tax deduction, allowance, advance to BPJS).

2. Plans:

There are two plans or rather modules clients can choose from; Basic and Additional. The basic module provides all the features listed above. In the additional module, employee self-service, program lessons, loan management, and claim & reimbursement management is also added.

3. User Limit:

Weefer works with companies of all sizes, starting from small too big.

4. User Experience:

You can request for a consultation if you are unsure and need some guidance in deciding for your company. They also have a promotion right now for those who want to make their HR process better.

Besides the features mentioned above, there are many weaknesses seen from the website in comparison to the other HRIS Softwares mentioned in this article. Weefer does not have the ability for you to do a demo test for free. There is also not much information on the software such as pricing or if the software is cloud based or not. These are important to think about before deciding.


The complexity of employee payroll and HRD data management is a problem that must be overcome. Therefore, LinovHR Indonesia HR Software is here as an easy solution for HR management in your company. Our HRD applications consist of LinovHR Cloud, LinovHR Premise, payroll outsourcing services and employee attendance applications that are integrated directly with our HR software.

1. Features:

LinovHR has lots of beneficial features such as Organizational structure, Administration Personnel, Time Management, Payroll, Loan, Benefits, and Employee Self Service.

Employee Self Service is one of the features offered by the LinovHR HR Software that allows employees to be involved in accessing and managing their own human resource data within the company. This is very important in companies who aim to work well and be open with their employees.

2. Plans:

There are three plans you can choose from: Basic Edition, Professional Packet, and Optional Module. The first plan provides the least number of features which does not include payroll, loan, benefit, and employee self service which is provided for in the Professional Pack. In the third plan, you can pick and choose whichever feature you want. LinovHR also always you to run a demo test to see what fits with your company.

3. User Limit:

Since LinovHR provides clients with two different types of software, namely LinovHR Premise and LinovHR Cloud, it can accommodate any size of any company. LinovHR Cloud charges you according to the number of employees in the company while LinovHR Premise is fit for companies with many employees.

4. User Experience:

LinovHR also always you to run a demo test for free to see what fits with your company. The website is easy to navigate and is simple to understand.

There are many advantages to this website but different than the other HRIS software providers, the website is still mainly in Indonesian. This is very Indonesia friendly, but it can be hard for those in international companies to become attracted to the tools they provide.

There are other HRIS platforms known and widely used in Indonesia such as Karyaone and SunFish. KaryaOne is a human resources management software that helps you simplify the HR administration process so you can focus on running your business. KaryaOne HR provides a complete solution for managing HR administration, including attendance, leave, overtime, payroll, PPh 21 tax, BPJS, performance management, career paths, succession management, and HR development. SunFish software is useful for any size businesses starting from small to large. It can also be used for industries in different fields such as retail, healthcare, financial services, technology, education, and many others.


Talenta, Sleekr, Weefer Haermes, LinovHR, Karyaone, and SunFish are all considered beneficial services that can provide various companies with the HRIS software they need. As can seen from above, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing one, make sure to consider the different aspects such as their capability to interface with attendance for example having a clock in and clock out system, making sure their performance assessment meets the company's culture, and the capability of accommodating any number of employees.

Are you part of HR at your company and still confused on how to manage your employees? If you need assistance in this area, Kitameraki can help! Contact us.

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