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Search Bar Assitance for PowerBI

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

PowerBI is analytics software that provides functions to visualize data with user-friendly interfaces.

With all their amazing features, this article goes deep into one we find quite useful. That feature is called the Search Bar. Its function is to make navigation on PowerBI easier.

Pic1. Basic Search Bar

The main function of the Search Bar is to suggest the User for the next action. Then User will be directed to the said action panel or having the action visualize on the canvas. It can be either new visuals or recently opened files.

When the User directly gives a text input on the search bar, it will also give a recommendation of action or filenames based on the text.

Pic2. Search Bar with measure text input

Users cannot use the Search Bar for searching specific fields/columns/measures from the report. But users can click on those fields and Search Bar will give suggestions for the next actions to the column/measure, for example, format field editing.

Pic3. Search Bar with specific field chosen

So, the Search bar can make navigation on PowerBI much more convenient for the user with a lot of assistance.

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