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MailGuard 365

MailGuard 365


  • The #1 cybersecurity threat to businesses is email

  • Microsoft 365 (including Defender) can't stop all threats

  • Speed is the advantage of MailGuard 365 (inside M365), stopping sophisticated fast-breaking email threats up to 48 hours faster

  • Microsoft 365 + MailGuard 365 = BETTER TOGETHER

MailGuard 365 is integrated with Microsoft 365 security (incl. Defender) for enhanced protection against advanced email threats like phishing, ransomware and sophisticated BEC attacks.

Proven to be up to 48 hours faster in threat detection, it adopts a 'BETTER TOGETHER' approach, combining 23+ years of specialist cloud email security expertise and IP from MailGuard, with the best of Microsoft, delivering a native ICES (Integrated Cloud Email Security) solution in a single click.

Co-built with the team at Microsoft to protect 345+ million users, it delivers enhanced 'defense-in-depth' protection for Microsoft 365 clients.

Working [natively] on the inside of Microsoft 365, it is designed to be last email security check, detecting threats after the Microsoft 365 security stack (including Microsoft Defender), and complementing 3rd party security solutions.

  • Stops more advanced zero-day phishing, ransomware and sophisticated BEC attacks

  • Activated with the business's Microsoft 365 credentials

  • Invoiced by Crayon for your convenience

  • Frictionless implementation process, with zero training or product admin for staff and partners

A world-first, evolutionary approach, it targets and stops more advanced email threats by re-scanning inbound emails after the Microsoft 365 security stack has done its security threat assessment.

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified, we take your security seriously, and the 'Speed to Detect Scorecard' is cold hard proof that MailGuard 365 routinely stops threats up to 48 hours faster, and sometimes even more, when compared to Microsoft 365.

What to expect

  • Single-click, frictionless activation using the business's Microsoft credentials for immediate protection

  • No changes to your DNS, MX or your Microsoft control center

  • No end-user training or IT support required for management

  • Stops sophisticated criminal intent email threats like phishing, ransomware and BEC

  • Moves threats to the junk or deleted items folder just like Microsoft 365

  • Evidence-based reporting demonstrates the results

Non-profit, education and government sector organizations may be eligible for lower pricing.

About Kitameraki

Kitameraki is an official MailGuard 365 Licenses Reseller. We stand as your reliable partner for authentic licenses within Indonesia and the region.

Kitameraki not only guarantees the best market prices due to our substantial volume discounts and exclusive partnerships but also provides comprehensive service that extends beyond just selling licenses.

Contact our License experts Today.

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