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Customer Review: Enhancing OSF Flavors' Efficiency with Tailored Microsoft 365 Training by Kitameraki

Since being founded in the USA in 1983, OSF Flavors has been creating high-quality, custom flavors for a broad range of food products and beverages. The Managing Director for OSF Flavors Asia was looking to conduct an in-depth training program aimed at boosting productivity through the effective use of Microsoft 365 tools. The goal was to empower their team with the skills to maximize the capabilities of M365 applications such as Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Recognizing the need for a specialized approach, OSF Flavors sought Kitameraki to provide solutions tailored to their specific requirements. 


Elevating OSF Flavors' Operational Efficiency through Microsoft 365 Training 

Kitameraki partnered with OSF Flavors to enhance their operational efficiency through tailored Microsoft 365 training solutions. By understanding OSF Flavors' unique needs, Kitameraki designed and implemented a comprehensive Microsoft 365 employee training module specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

The training process was meticulously planned, incorporating best practices and hands-on exercises to ensure smooth user adoption. The training included an introduction to Microsoft 365, mastering Microsoft Teams for collaboration and project management, leveraging OneNote for streamlined note-taking, and practical use of Office Online tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for real-time collaboration. 

The training aimed to empower OSF Flavors' team members with the skills needed to maximize Microsoft 365 tools, facilitating their Microsoft 365 Onboarding effectively. It equipped them to leverage advanced features within Microsoft 365 to optimize their software investment fully. 


The Impact of Kitameraki's Microsoft 365 Training at OSF Flavors 

Kitameraki's training yielded significant results as OSF Flavors' team quickly mastered OneNote and Microsoft Teams, enhancing project communication and task efficiency. Customer feedback from the training sessions was overwhelmingly positive, consistently rating the training content and instructor quality highly with Net Promoter Scores (NPS) averaging around 9. Participants reported significant improvements in knowledge and skills, feeling better prepared to use Microsoft 365 tools effectively in daily tasks, enhancing working speed, skills, and coordination with colleagues.

Throughout the engagement, Kitameraki being highly responsive, proactive, and professional. They ensured timely delivery of training sessions and effectively addressed additional needs and inquiries from OSF Flavors' team. The change management process was seamlessly handled, ensuring minimal disruption during the Microsoft 365 deployment. 

Overall, OSF Flavors was particularly impressed with Kitameraki's technical expertise, proactive approach, and flawless execution. No areas for improvement were identified, reflecting Kitameraki's commitment to delivering impactful training solutions that aligned perfectly with OSF Flavors' requirements and objectives. 


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