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SendGuard for Outlook

SendGuard for Outlook



Send Confirm: Get users to review and confirm recipients and attachments before emails are sent out

  • Prompt displayed with a list of recipients and attachments when user clicks Send

  • Admin control of when the prompt is displayed (all emails, external only etc.) 

  • External domains are colour coded for easy identification 

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Detect and Prompt/Warn or Block Sensitive Content

  • Scan and warn if email subject, body or attachments contain confidential or inappropriate content (create your own search lists using regular expressions and/or word lists) 

  • Define your own criteria for sensitive content with RegEx and/or lists 

  • Get users to confirm send with a tick or typing 

  • Block emails if needed 

Send Rules: Use the SendRules engine to define and run your own Checks and Actions on outgoing emails

  • Create rules to automatically take desired ACTIONS if email meets certain CONDITIONS 

  • IF (CONDITIONS): Check email recipients, subject, body, attachment names or types, attachment content and more 

  • THEN (ACTIONS): Warn users, block emails, automatically CC or BCC additional recipients (compliance team etc.), mark email for encryption and more 

  • Custom script also allows for checking of additional conditions specific to your requirements 

Log and report user actions for impact assessment, additional protection and audit trail

  • Reduce organizational liability by logging basic details of sender and sent emails 

  • All data saved back to your own Azure account for data security and compliance 

  • Data saved in standard format for use with Power BI, Splunk and more 

  • Power BI Reporting module available upon request 

Centralized deployment, configuration and managementUse the Microsoft 365 admin panel to deploy to your users All settings are configured and controlled centrally Display branding and links to security policies on prompts 

SendGuard for M365 works with Outlook in many platforms

  • Outlook for Microsoft 365 (Outlook Web Access - OWA) 

  • Outlook for Windows 

  • Outlook on Mac (Microsoft 365) 

  • We also have a separate COM add-in that works on Outlook Desktop (Windows)

About Kitameraki

Kitameraki is an official SendGuard Licenses Reseller. We stand as your reliable partner for authentic licenses within Indonesia and the region.

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